From The Pews To The Pulpit Stage Play
“FROM: THE PULPIT TO: THE PEWS” What is a "Dramatic Soap Opera Stage Play" ? I am glad you asked, allow me to graciously explain? Innovatively, It Combine's Biographical Broadway, Day Time Soap Opera, and the drama of a Suspense Film all on Stage. Now speaking Directly about The Production of From: The Pulpit To The: Pews... From the start of the first dialogue until the end, it touches on subject matters most "Dare Not Tread” In essence it is " A Direct Message, Non-Subliminal as plays of the past. The "Audience" becomes the Congregation that just so happen to get a glimpse of the often-troubled lives, of the people we hold so high but sometimes don't give them fair acceptance to fall. Or allegiance to help them rise. We all share the same stories of life no matter who God called us to be, none of us are greater in his eyes. It touches the life of the forgotten "FIRST LADY" and what she endures in silence. It will "Broaden" the perceptions of the Glamorous Life of the Leaders

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